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There I was hosting the after party for the ALMR (Association for Licenced Managed House Retailers), with all the ‘big boys’ in attendance. It was 2011, and I had been in the industry now for 25 years. This is the biggest event for the pub industry in the UK. All the CEO’s, Operations directors, Area managers from the industry in the UK are in my pub. I was honoured to host this, although very stressed as I wanted everything to go well on the night. Which, of course, it did. Oh, the stories I could tell you about this night, but I won’t, not really something these guys would want spread around I am sure!

Backtrack to 1992, I had just turned twenty three, and I had been offered a role to manage a pub/nightclub. I had already been working at the venue for a couple of years, but as a bar attendant.

I of course accepted the role…then the panic set in! What did I actually know about managing the business. Well, quite frankly, nothing. I had already told all my friends and family I had this job, and I also had a child to support, so I did not think I had any other option. It was also the early 90’s – I was yet to meet a female manager, I knew many male ones, and wondered if I would be strong enough to cope with everything. Of course, now I know that gender is not even something to take into consideration…it can be a great benefit being female in certain situations.

So, although I would do many things I did in this venue differently in hindsight, especially knowing what I know now, I am so glad I did it. It was the beginning of something wonderful.

Why The Time Assistant? I know that I could have done with some help at the beginning, things such as Customer service courses did not really exist then!

I have really learnt on the job, sometimes to the detriment of the business just due to lack of knowledge. Hopefully the knowledge I have now can help you with your business, and help make it successful.

Over the years, I have found that people who are not in involved in the industry have little insight into what it takes to provide this service. So now I offer my help to businesses within the industry, old and new.

I hope to be able to work with you soon,

Rachel - Founder at The Time Assistant.