Wines - the basics

Course Outline:

Going over the basics of the different grapes and styles of wines to give a basic understanding of different wines. With Vietnam moving onto the global stage, wines and a basic knowledge are a must for your teams.

Cost: Free​

Course outline:

​​So, you think you are right for the hospitality industry do you?!

This is a just a basic outline of what type of person you need to be to take on one of the best jobs in the world.

The challenge begins here!

Customer Service Training

Course Outline:

The Basics of customer service including the business culture, getting the atmosphere right and the customer journey.

This course can be tailored to your business to include understanding your menus and your business vision.

Creating teams for Exceptional Customer service

Course Outline:

For anyone within your teams that manage staff on a day to day basis. Course includes Setting minimum standards and culture, training the current team, creating new teams and team members and how to keep your team motivated.

Online Courses available

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We offer training in your venue and off site training courses are held regularly within

Ho Chi Minh City.

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Cost: $12.95

Course outline:

Covering the beginnings of beer, different styles of beer, the basics of making beer and cellar management.

This course is a must for anyone within the hospitality industry.